Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention is an important part of keeping your water clean. Backflow happens when used water, gasses, industrial fluids, or other substances run back into the pipes that deliver potable water to your home or business. This can cause huge problems. That's why we take our jobs so seriously at Backflow Devices Testing & Repair.

Backflow preventers are mechanical devices that are installed in plumbing systems. When water flows in the opposite direction of what's intended, contaminants can enter the clean water that's intended for humans, agricultural crops, livestock, or irrigation. These devices protect cross connections in a plumbing system. These are the pipes, valves, fixtures, and other components where there's the potential for contamination.

The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 put federal standards in place to protect the drinking water supply. Backflow prevention is an important part of how public water systems keep supplies pure. In many cities and states, the public water utility requires customers to install backflow preventers on their main water line. This keeps water from a customer's home or business from running back out past the meter and into the public water supply. It keeps used water, chemicals, and other unwanted substances from contaminating the water we all depend on to live.

Unsure About Backflow Prevention?

Backflow Devices Testing & Repair can help you figure out what's needed for your home or facility. We develop complete backflow prevention systems for residential and commercial customers. We install backflow prevention devices and offer annual inspections. Should you need service or repairs on your system, our certified staff can complete them to the state standards for both Georgia and Tennessee. We're also members of the American Backflow Prevention Association, Tennessee Backflow Association, the Peach State "1776" Backflow Prevention Association, the Georgia Association of Water Professionals, and the Georgia Plumbing Trade Association. This means we're constantly learning about the latest developments from top professionals in our industry. To schedule an appointment for your home or business in the Dalton and Chattanooga areas, call our Ringgold, GA office at (706) 965-5951.