Why Backflow Testing is Important

If you have an irrigation system or other water system with a backflow prevention device, you may assume that everything’s working as it should. After all, you’d be able to tell if it wasn’t—right? Wrong. While there may be some cases where you’d be able to tell that your backflow device was functioning improperly, there are many others where you’d never know. This is why backflow testing is so important.

Backflow prevention devices are sometimes used to keep sewer lines from backing up into homes. If the device quits working, you’d probably know it. One thing’s for sure, it wouldn’t be pleasant. Backflow testing on these devices can identify problems before they cause a real mess in your home. You also don’t want the sewer line to cross-contaminate the drinking water supply for your home or your neighborhood. Routine testing can help protect everyone’s drinking water.

Backflow testing is also important for irrigation systems. If a device malfunctions, potable water could be mixed with water that’s been contaminated with chemicals or pesticides. This contamination could affect homes, businesses, and land downstream from you. You might not ever know the contamination was happening until it’s too late.

At Backflow Devices Testing & Repair, we provide backflow testing for all types of backflow prevention devices. Our services meet the testing requirements of the local municipalities we serve, as well as for the states of Georgia and Tennessee. In addition to our certifications in those two states, we’re members of the American Backflow Prevention Association, Tennessee Backflow Association, the Peach State “1776” Backflow Prevention Association, the Georgia Association of Water Professionals, and the Georgia Plumbing Trade Association. You can trust that we’ll do our part to keep the water supply safe and clean.

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