Backflow Testing Laws in Georgia

Last month, we talked about backflow testing laws in Tennessee. Today, we’d like to talk about the laws in the other state we serve here at Backflow Devices Testing & Repair. Here’s some helpful information about backflow testing laws in Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Public Health oversees the state’s backflow testing laws and regulations. Their mission is to protect the health of Georgia’s citizens by protecting against disease wherever possible. They also respond to any incidents to make sure that health concerns are being properly addressed. As you can see, this aligns perfectly with our mission of protecting our region’s drinking water.

Any commercial property in the state of Georgia must pass a backflow test each year. These tests must be administered by a certified backflow prevention tester. In order to become a certified backflow tester in Georgia, you must meet several requirements:

  • You must complete the Backflow Testers Certification Class offered by designated providers throughout the state. This 32-hour class covers all aspects of the backflow testing process.
  • You must pass the Backflow Prevention Testers Certification Exam. The written portion of this test has 100 questions. There are also three hands-on portions that must be completed. The exam is graded by the state’s Association of Boards of Certification. It takes between four and six weeks for the test results to come in.
  • Once someone has passed and is an officially licensed backflow prevention tester, they must complete re-certification requirements every three years. These requirements include completion of six hours of continuing education in the backflow prevention testing field.

If this certification process sounds stringent, that’s because it is. The State of Georgia takes no chances when it comes to the safety of the state’s drinking water and neither do we. Our company has met all of the requirements to test backflow prevention devices. Additionally, we are members of the American Backflow Prevention Association, the Peach State “1776” Backflow Prevention Association, the Georgia Association of Water Professionals, and the Georgia Plumbing Trade Association.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should trust Backflow Devices Testing & Repair. Call us today to schedule your backflow testing in Ringgold, Dalton, or Northwest Georgia.