Backflow Testing

Certified Backflow Testing

If you have backflow prevention devices installed at your home or business, it's important to make sure they're working properly. That's why routine inspections are so important. The team at Backflow Devices Testing & Repair performs certified backflow testing for our customers in Dalton, Chattanooga, and surrounding areas of Northwest Georgia and Southeast Tennessee.

Why is Backflow Testing Important?

Backflow testing is important for several reasons.

  • First, it confirms that any and all backflow prevention devices you have installed on a water or irrigation system are working properly. If we inspect your system and find any flaws or leaks, we can repair them immediately. This reduces the risk of contaminants getting in your drinking water supply.
  • Next, it helps us find areas for improvement in your system. Backflow preventers are mechanical devices. This means that improvements are constantly being made to make them more effective and efficient. We may know of new solutions that can help your system work better.
  • Finally, backflow testing is required by law in many areas. States and local water utilities must put these standards in place to guarantee the safety of their drinking water for citizens. We're certified in both Georgia and Tennessee for backflow prevention device testing. We're also a member of the American Backflow Prevention Association, Tennessee Backflow Association, the Peach State "1776" Backflow Prevention Association, the Georgia Association of Water Professionals, and the Georgia Plumbing Trade Association.

We believe that keeping the water supply safe is a shared responsibility. Our industry, together with companies and individual citizens, must work together to keep our water clean and pure. For our part, we take our commitment to our customers very seriously. Your health and safety are always our top priorities. If there are any problems with your backflow prevention system, you can trust that we'll find them and fix them. It's how we live out our company motto: "Together, WE can protect our drinking water."

Call our Ringgold, Georgia office today at (706) 965-5951 to schedule your certified backflow testing and inspection. Emergency service is available, even on the weekends.